Getting started

Creating an application

Assuming you've already signed up for a profile, head over to and press the "Add app" button.

When you've added the applications details and pressed "Save". You will receive your client ID's

Client Credentials Authorization

Uses a combination of client_id and client_secret.

Authorization Code Flow

You will need to define a Redirect Uri; the authentication flow will redirect the user to this location after giving your application permission to access their data.

Navigating users to your apps onboarding flow

A successful call to the auth endpoint will return a redirect url for the user onboarding flow. There he will be able to sign up to Monerium, attach a wallet, apply for an IBAN and finally give your app permission to read his data.


Click here to view an example of an app onboarding.

Note: linking a wallet can be automated by adding `address`, `signature`, `chain` query parameters to the request above