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We enable you to securely manage and automate the flow of money on and off blockchains.


Monerium IBAN, your fiat gateway

The Monerium IBAN is directly connected to your blockchain address enables you to seamlessly collect and send euros between bank accounts and blockchains over the SEPA network.

Money on blockchains, real-time delivery-vs-payment

Money sent to the IBAN is automatically tokenized as e-money directly to your blockchain address.

With tokenised money and assets such as securities or crypto on the same ledger, blockchains can conduct real-time delivery-vs-payment with automated actions, leading to clearing- and settlement as well as corporate actions handled completely by the technology itself with you in control.

The e-money tokens are standardized to support all major blockchain wallets and smart contract operations.

Monerium API, automate everything

Our API is at at your service

  • Complete overview of your accounts and balances
  • Receive notifications and payment details about sender (IBAN, name, message etc.) when payments are received
  • Send money from your blockchain address to IBAN via SEPA network

This enables you to completely automate the flow of money and settlements on and off blockchains without going through exchanges. Collect payments over SEPA from business that have not yet joined the blockchain economy and settle on-chain.

Read our API specifications
Fully licensed

Monerium EMI is an electronic money institution, a European financial institution that is licensed to operate in the EEA. We take care of the regulatory burden, so you can focus on creating the best possible product.

To drive mainstream adoption to blockchains and your platform, you need money that lives under a known regulatory regime.

Euros are issued to the blockchain as euro e-money tokens. Unlike "stablecoins", the Monerium euro e-money tokens are an authorized form of digital cash which holders can unconditionally redeem straight to their bank accounts through the Monerium IBAN.

Enough talk, let's build something!

You've made it this far, that means that you are probably building something amazing.

We are here so your amazing thing can securely manage and automate the flow of money on and off blockchains.

The ball is in your court, we are excited to hear about what you are building! There are two things you can do now...

Get started for free!

Register your application and start using the Monerium services for free. We have documented how to get started , and if you run into any problems, don't hesitate to contact us on our Telegram channel for developers .

Play around and learn more

For innovators and product builders we've opened up a test environment of our system. Play around with test money in a safe environment to understand how it fits into your platform.

Dive into our API specification and other technical things in our documentation.