Monerium e-money tokens are live on Ethereum mainnet and testnets and are ERC20 and ERC677 compliant.

  contract Euro {

    // Transfers tokens [ERC20].
    transfer(to, amount)

    // Transfers tokens from a specific address [ERC20].
    transferFrom(from, to, amount)

    // Approves a spender [ERC20].
    approve(spender, amount)

    // Transfers tokens and subsequently calls a method
    // on the recipient [ERC677].
    transferAndCall(to, amount, data)

    // Returns the total supply.

    // Returns the number tokens associated with an address.

    // Returns the allowance for a spender.
    allowance(owner, spender)

ERC20 / Approve and transfer from

The user gives your smart contract the right to take the money by itself from their address using the approve method. Once approved, your contract can call the transferFrom method in the Monerium contract and transfer money from the address.

ERC677 / Transfer and call

transferAndCall transfers money and calls the receiving contract's onTokenTransfer method with additional data and triggers an event Transfer.

The source code and more info about the token design can be found at our githup repo.

EURe / Euro on Ethereum

GBPe / Sterling on Ethereum

USDe / US Dollar on Ethereum

ISKe / Icelandic krona on Ethereum

Ethereum test money and develoment

Our sandbox is connected to the Rinkeby test network . Please fill out the developer information to get test money for the Ropsten or Kovan test networks.

Inforamtion on how to setup a local test environment can be found in our githup repo.